Examples of CFD Simulations

The following visualizations show different computational fluid dynamic simulations using commercial software such as ANSYS and Ensight as well as using and developing open source software such as OpenFOAM (C++) and Paraview (Python).

Molecule position manipulation function testing

The following visualizations were performed in the scope of a group project for the Biomolecular structure and mechanics course at EPFL. Functions were created in C++ to manipulate and align molecular structures with the intention of later being used for protein simulations.

Personal Interests

Outside of work I prefer to spend my time outdoors. I grew up skiing and sailing, both racing and cruising. Hiking, climbing and camping are also favorite pastimes of mine. These hobbies and my urge to explore have taken me to many places in North America, Europe, Africa and I look forward to many more experiences. Below, you will find some pictures from my past adventures; I'll try to post some more soon.